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Scott Weinger

Scott Eric Weinger (pronounced as wine-gerr) was born in New York, New York, on October 5, 1975, to Babs Weinger, a teacher, and Elliot Weinger, an orthopedic surgeon. The eldest of four children, Scott has two brothers and one sister. He spent the majority of his formative years in southern Florida, then moved with his family to Los Angeles when his career began to take off.

Scott first became interested in acting in the third grade, when an actor gave a presentation for Career Day. He relentlessly pestered his parents to get him an agent until they finally realized that the young tyke was serious about becoming an actor. His first gig was a national commercial for Ideal Toys.

In autumn of 1994, Scott left the L.A. scene to fulfill yet another dream - attending Harvard University. Taking leave of TV series Full House didn't suggest he was leaving the business altogether. He continued as the voice of "Aladdin" in the Saturday morning TV series, completed two more full length Aladdin videos, and made a final appearance on Full House, all while maintaining excellent scores at school. As if all of that didn't keep the ambitious lad busy enough, he also held a part-time job as a youth correspondent for Good Morning America.

Scott majored in English and minored in French literature while at Harvard University, and he graduated Magna cum Laude in June of 1998. In his first online interview after returning to Los Angeles, he still seemed to be undecided about what his plans were. The possibilities were narrowed down to writing, directing, acting, and news correspondence.

Since his return to Hollywood, he has starred in a horror flick, "Shredder", produced an award winning film short, "The Cricket Player", and provided his voice for Osamu Tezuka's, "Metropolis", Disney/Square Co.'s video game, "Kingdom Hearts", and two upcoming Disney films, "Mickey's Philharmagic" and "The Search for Mickey Mouse.

Scott considers himself to be a writer, primarily, and an actor, secondarily. He received his first writing credit for the WB television show, "Like Family," which is described as a "multi-ethnic crossover comedy about two very different families coming together under one roof." Recently, he received a credit as a co-writer for another WB sitcom, What I Like About Yo

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