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Blake Anthony & Dylon, Tuomy


The twins were born on November 29, 1990. Less than 2 years down the road they were playing the adorable little twins on Full House. They are both right-handed and were born to parents, Karen and Jeff. They have dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Blake's favorite colors are green and black. He is a Sagittarius and his favorite subject is Science. His favorite food is sushi. His favorite television show is South Park. He plays guitar and writes songs. He and Dylan are starting a band. His favorite bands include Green Day, the Ramones and Linkin Park. He enjoys football, hockey, snowboarding, video gaming, painting and Warhammer 40,000 models. He is younger than Dylan by 19 minutes. He is starting High School in the fall and lives in the San Fernando Valley, California. He has 2 cats named Bingo and Tiger and a fish named Bruiser. Blake played the role of Alex on seasons 6 through 8. He usually wore red, yellow or orange on the show, while Dylan was usually dressed in blue or green. Blake and Dylan have a 3 year old half sister named Sophie. Both are Junior Counselors at a day camp this summer.

Both boys loved being on Full House, and were especially close with Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (the twins who shared the part of cousin Michelle). After Full House the boys retired from acting and started Kindergarten.

His parents names are: Karen Tuomy, a teacher, and Jeff Wilhoit, a foley artist.
Twin brother of Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit.
19 minutes younger then his twin brother Dylan.

Cousin of Lisa Wilhoit.

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